January 22, 2011

Problem-Solving Techniques Part 2: Dealing with Stress

Exercise 1:

Work on the assignment in question until your mind is so clouded by useless information and anxiety that you cannot continue.


Abruptly turn around and tell your wife how you feel with whatever noises happen to come to mind first.

Punctuate with an uncomfortable stare.

End the exercise as quickly as possible and get back to work before your wife can distract you with any stupid questions.

Exercise 2:

While your wife lovingly prepares dinner in another room, work quietly on the assignment until you are overcome with a crushing sense of hopelessness and immobility.

And then,

do this.

End the exercise before she has a chance to ask you why you are holding your breath and dancing wildly in the kitchen without any pants on.

It's none of her business anyway.

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