January 31, 2013

Because the world needs an update on my sleeping habits:

Remember how I used to plan out strategies for not waking up in the morning? That was a long time ago.

Now, my life is weird, and I wake up at an absolutely unreasonable hour so that I can get online to tutor students who are 14 hours ahead of me. So while I used to wake up like a French aristocrat being dragged out of bed for the guillotine, I now face the morning with all the mettle of a superhero facing his arch-nemesis.

Yeah. AND I wake up TWO OTHER PEOPLE. I wake them up, you guys.

After spending the first 7-ish hours of the day like this, opening my eyes and mouth too wide while I act super friendly and engaging for ESL students,

I'm usually ready for a nap.

And in case you're starting to think that I'm actually growing up and managing my sleep like an adult, don't worry, I'm still completely irresponsible when it comes to napping. 

This irresponsibility often comes in the form of crazy alarm clock math,


and outstanding defense.

But overall, I'd call this progress.

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